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Golden Boy

November 27, 2016anita No Comments »

One of the best experiences playing with a live band is to witness the talent of great musicians up-close. I was reminded of this a few nights ago, performing with pianist Casey Golden at the QVB in Sydney. At 28, Casey is producing some highly sophisticated music. I kind of wanted to not sing, just […]

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May 15, 2016anita No Comments »

If you’d like to hear about the latest goings on about town with all things musical, and specifically about my magical journey of my show ‘Round Thelonious, you don’t have to look any further than here: If you’re interested in joining my mailing list, you can sign up to my newsletter here.  

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Me and Mr Jones

January 15, 2016anita No Comments »

It feels superfluous to add to the mountain of tributes to David Bowie, who passed away this week. I have been a huge fan ever since my cousin gave me Bowie’s ‘Pinups’ Album when I was 12. A quixotic alien with the vocal timbre of a sex dream. Thank you for the music Mr Jones.

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Quote for the day…from Plato

October 13, 2015anita No Comments »

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

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Another bite of the Big Apple for ‘Round Thelonious

June 28, 2015anita No Comments »

I am very excited to announce that I have the opportunity to be directed in a workshop reading of ‘ROUND THELONIOUS by Shidan Majidi, who has been running Sir Cameron Mackintosh’s New York office for over 15 years. To take advantage of this thrilling opportunity I need to bridge the gap between my acting skills […]

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Gucci Gucci Goo!

January 13, 2015anita No Comments »

“A night in Gucci sound OK?” I was asked recently by Cathy the office manager at Gucci Australia & NZ . We were discussing the look of the 2015 Gucci Annual Awards dinner, where I would be performing with the Anita Pollard Trio. “When can you come in and try some dresses on? Cathy asked”. […]

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Coco Republic dinner for Oly

December 3, 2014anita No Comments »

There’s a first time for everything, and this was my first gig in a furniture shop! Thanks to photographer Esteban La Tessa for the photos.

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Vale Kerrie Biddell 1947- 2014

September 16, 2014anita No Comments »

I am sorry to hear the passing of Kerrie Biddell, who was my singing teacher about four years ago and co-producer of my EP Martini Set . Kerrie had a stroke in early September and passed away, age  67. Kerrie was a generous and knowledgeable vocalist and teacher with an extraordinary musicality. She will be missed […]

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Nice work if you can get it!! Singing in the 2014 Tour de France SBS TV Promo

June 28, 2014anita No Comments »
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A website is born!

March 15, 2014anita No Comments »

Ladies and gentlemen I invite you to check out a new website You will be able to follow the latest news of my musical biography ‘ROUND THELONIOUS. If you are new to my blog – welcome – and please visit the site to find out about this new musical based on the true story […]

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