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“A night in Gucci sound OK?” I was asked recently by Cathy the office manager at Gucci Australia & NZ . We were discussing the look of the 2015 Gucci Annual Awards dinner, where I would be performing with the Anita Pollard Trio.

“When can you come in and try some dresses on? Cathy asked”. I wanted to cry out “CRACK THE CHAMPAGNE, I’M DOWNSTAIRS!” but I restrained myself and suggested maturely that I come in the next day. (I don’t know why I had to hide my excitement. Even as a young girl I remember riding on a fairground attraction and every time the ride spun me past my waiting mother I felt terribly embarrassed by my gargantuan smile, which was glued to my face like there was G-Force at work. It was my first time on a Merry-Go-Round).

The reception area of the Gucci Head office has a spectacular 26th floor view overlooking the East, encompassing the Sydney harbour as well as riveting views of the city. Below I could see flocks of city workers who had settled in Hyde Park for their lunch hour.  In the reception area there is a section walled off by glass that serves as a kind of “private” showroom for Gucci products; handbags, shoes, sunglasses and a long rack of clothes. I wondered if this was where celebrities did their Gucci shopping – has Cate Blanchett blessed this space I meant to ask but I was distracted by Cathy showing me three exquisite gowns that the PR team had selected for me to try on.  ”We’ll leave you alone to get changed” proffered my lovely hostess. Just me and anywhere up to 2000 office workers, I speculated as I stripped down to my underwear and contemplated my first dress: a slinky, strappy number which quite frankly I couldn’t tell which way around should be worn – so I tried it on both ways. Anyone working in a nearby office would have had lunch and a show last Thursday.

The ‘winning’ frock was a sparkling, slinky number reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour, which was this year’s theme for the dinner. (See photo below). The event was held at the MCA, overlooking the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge and under the glow of chandeliers and the balmy setting sun. It was an inspiring backdrop to which to swing the tunes of Frank Sinatra’s heyday, while projected images of Marilyn Monroe and other Hollywood royalty played to the entirely black and white appareled guests. It was a little sad placing the dress on the Gucci hanger in the greenroom afterwards but my spirits were soon lifted by a twenty minute foot massage from a thoughtful husband. (N.B Mine).

With bassist Gary Holgate (L) and pianist Casey Golden (R)

With bassist Gary Holgate (L) and pianist Casey Golden (R)




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