Vale Kerrie Biddell 1947- 2014

September 16, 2014anita No Comments »

I am sorry to hear the passing of Kerrie Biddell, who was my singing teacher about four years ago and co-producer of my EP Martini Set . Kerrie had a stroke in early September and passed away, age  67. Kerrie was a generous and knowledgeable vocalist and teacher with an extraordinary musicality. She will be missed by many. Kerrie was plagued by arthritis from age 16 but kept her (sometimes sardonic) sense of humour. She described herself as a D-List celebrity. For someone who was approached to record with Mel Torme or described by Count Basie as “incredible”, she was disturbingly unrecorded. She loved words and taught me the meaning of mnemic. And I will remember her.

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